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Elefsis-bay (GR)

Geographical location: Komoundourous lake is situated in Elefsis bay, 20 km to the west of Athens

Type of waterway: coastal lagoon – bay

Contamination type and problem: heavy metals, organic contaminants, hydrocarbons

In the near vicinity of the lake a hydrocarbon industry complex can be found, while a military base is located right next to the lake. Contamination of the bay caused mainly by these two sources. The sludge (and the water) is heavily polluted by hydrocarbons. Heavy pollution is obvious from the water colour as well. The sludge is proposed to be removed.

Typical water depth: 0.8-1.6 m

Water conductivity: above 2000 μS/cm

Surveys performed: Seismic/DCR




Location map

Resistivity profile

DCR survey progress

DCR survey boat



Map of Koumoundouros Lake



DCR survey in progress


DCR survey boat


Inversion results of resistivity line KM2