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Fractal Bt. Óda u. 37.
1155 Hungary
Sándor Puszta

 FRACTAL Bt. was set up in 1991 for research and prospecting of geophysical methods. The main activities of the company include:
  • Coordinating complex investigation on planned highways.
  • Applying geophysical methods in different areas:
    • investigation on routes of planned railways,
    • investigation of archaeological settlements and their structure,
    • prospecting for environment protection:
      • making geophysical surveys for the protection of water reserves,
      • investigation of buried chemical drums,
    • high and ultrahigh resolution seismic method carried out on land, rivers and lakes.
  • Development of processing and visualisation software.
  • Processing of seismic, magnetic, gravity, geoelectric and borehole data.
  • Developing of seismic, magnetic, gravity, geoelectric and borehole investigating methods.

 FRACTAL Bt. has ten years of experience in geophysical research. It works in the fields of seismic, gravity, magnetic, geoelectric, and borehole geophysics. FRACTAL Bt. has achieved unique results in the development of high resolution seismic prospecting. The company has links to research and industry.

 Key person:
The main person in this project is Sándor Puszta, who has 20 years experience in seismic and magnetic prospecting, signal processing, software, high resolution archaeo-magnetic method development. He is co-author of several books, and the author of articles, conference papers and posters. He has been managing director of FRACTAL Bt for the past 15 years.