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Geomega Ltd. Mester u. 4
1095 Budapest, Hungary
Tamás Tóth

 Geomega Ltd. is an SME specialised in geophysical surveying. The principle tasks of Geomega Ltd. are to carry out ultrahigh resolution single channel seismic data acquisition. Geomega Ltd. will also be responsible for the processing and interpretation of seismic data sets obtained in the framework of the project. Using these data sets, experts of Geomega Ltd. will image and analyse the subsurface rock masses, i.e. the sedimentary architecture of the Quaternary and Holocene sequences. The state of the art technology of ultrahigh resolution seismic profiling allows imaging the underlying strata right below the water bottom and provides at least an order of magnitude higher resolution than standard on-land surveys. Consequently, the results of river seismic studies will form an essential an integral part of the project.

 Geomega Ltd. has a wide experience in conducting high and ultrahigh resolution seismic profiling. The company has expertise in seismic data acquisition, processing, mapping and geological interpretation. Experts work with state-of-the-art seismic workstations and highly sophisticated software packages that can handle large volumes of datasets characteristic for seismic analysis. Key activities are in the field of detailed structural and stratigraphic investigation of the subsurface strata, analysis of river bed morphology and its temporal evolution, localisation of ancient buried river beds and estimation of the geomechanical and petrological character of the subsurface strata. Geomega Ltd. is equipped with modern seismic work stations to be employed for seismic data processing for which commercial and in-house developed software packages will be used.

 Geomega has successfully used high and ultra-high resolution waterborne seismic measurements in the following investigations:
  • mapping the morphology and temporal evolution of waterbottom,
  • sedimentological and structural analysis of the sub-bottom strata,
  • mapping the thickness and distribution of fluvial and lacustrine sediments,
  • monitoring the temporal evolution of fluvial and lacustrine sediments,
  • estimation of some physical parameters (grain size distribution, gas saturation etc.),
  • mapping buried paleo-channels,
  • mapping of mud deposition and polluted layers,
  • monitoring of dredging,
  • detection and identification of buried artificial objects.

 Additional activities include:
  • Geophysical data processing and interpretation
  • Environmental data base management
  • Engineering geophysical measurements and their interpretation
  • Seismic risk analysis of power plants, dams, high buildings etc.
  • Identification of buried objects with magnetic measurements
  • Determination of geothermal potential
  • Hydrocarbon prospect analysis

 Key person:
Tamás Tóth, responsible for the technical management of the project, is specialised in seismic data acquisition, seismic data processing and interpretation. He is an expert in imaging tectonic and stratigraphic features on river seismic sections and is currently working as seismic expert on shallow seismic profiling. He led and participated in numerous national and international projects employing high and ultrahigh resolution seismic profiling techniques. He has a wide experience in mapping and tracing sedimentary architecture, seismic interpretation and stratigraphic analysis.