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Hydeko-KV Viedenska cesta 5
852 51 Bratislava
Dr. Kamil Vrana

 HYDEKO KV is an SME specialized in the geological, geochemical, hydrogeological and hydrochemical investigations including evaluation of geological factors of the environment. In the field of hydrogeology, HYDEKO - KV holds expertise in construction of hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical maps, complex evaluation of hydrogeological regions, and investigations of regional and local resources of water supply. In the field of geochemistry, HYDEKO - KV is experienced in regional and thematic geochemical mapping and in monitoring of organic matter and contaminants. GIS techniques and mathematical and statistical data processing all form an integral part of the company's activities. Process orientated modelling of material transport is a strong expertise of the company.

 Key person:
Kamil Vrana, PhD, director of HYDEKO - KV, holds three decades of experience in the field of geochemistry and hydrogeochemistry. His main areas of interest are hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, water management and environmental geology. He has established broad international cooperation in geochemical, hydrological and environmental projects (e.g. sponsored by Phare, INCO-Copernicus etc). He was a coordinator of the regional hydrogeochemical research in Slovakia. He also participated in the elaboration of the “Environmental Impact Assessment Law” of Slovakia and elaborated and coordinated the project “Geochemical Atlas of Slovakia” in the period of 1990 - 1995.