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Oude Ijssel (NL)

Geographical location: The Oude Ijssel starts in Germany, in Wellbrock and the river crosses the Dutch border at Gendringen. The drainage area of the Oude Ijssel is about 124 000 hectares. The river flows into the Ijssel at Doesburg and then flows to the Ijsselmeer.

Type of waterway: river

Contamination type and problem: industrial type

The water trade organisation is working very hard to make an ecological area between the German border and Doesburg. The water trade organisation proposed a survey location, which had not been dredged previously.

Typical water depth: 4-5 m

Water conductivity: No data

Surveys performed: GPR/Seismic







GPR and seismic profiles



Recorded profiles   View of the canal

Survey in progress




View of the canal





Survey in progress