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Project tasks

 This CRAFT project has as main aim the development of an integrated geophysical technology to measure and monitor recently deposited, and potentially polluted sediments in European freshwater waterways which are contaminating water supplies. The proposed technologies are non-invasive, and with very low environmental impact. The data output from these techniques forms the basis of a management tool to be used by the potential end users, such as local authorities or dredging companies.

 The main tasks of the project include:
  • Improvement of the integrated positioning and navigation techniques to ensure the required accuracy
  • Integration of processing functionality in the acquisition software
  • an integrated GPR/shallow seismic system for sludge quantification in underwater sediments
  • a new, submersible GeoRadar antenna
  • new antenna configuration
  • development of it-architecture to store large, but accessable amounts of data
  • development of automatic layer discrimination GPR software, regarding water/sludge/solids
  • calculating software for automatic generation of cubic meters to be dredged
  • development of a general format for interchangability with clients IT-platforms
  • Enhanced, real-time imaging system for data visualisation and presentation
  • new geophysical configuration for better penetration into wet sediments
  • Combined seismic/GPR methodology for mapping and quantifying sludge layers in waterways
  • a management tool for end-user authorities and dredging companies
  • Data archival and data management system.