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Radar Systems Inc. Lomonosova str. 1, B-406
LV-1019 Riga
Dr Vladimir Zolotarev

 Radar Systems Inc. (before 1996 operating as Radar Inc.) was founded in 1989 on the basis of Aviation Subsurface Radar Laboratory (ASRL) of Riga Aviation Engineering Institute (now Riga Aviation University). It is the rightful heir of the above mentioned Laboratory in the field of methods and equipment design for Ground Penetrating Radar.

 More than 150 georadar units well known as "Zond" have been produced. Now they are used in many countries of all five continents from permafrost of diamond mines of Russia to hot deserts of Western Australia.

 Radar Systems, Inc. has long traditions in the field of spacecraft radar design. The radar complex for Mars ground sounding was created by Radar Systems, Inc. in close cooperation with French National Space Agency (CNES). Radar Systems staff took part in design of radar for Fobos (Mars satellite) sounding in cooperation with Radio engineering and Electronic Institute of Russian Scientific Academy.

 Key person:
The main person in this project is Dr. Vladimir Zolotarev, managing director of Radar Systems Inc. He worked previously at the Riga Civil Aviation Engineering Institute, and was Head of Ground Penetrating Radar Department of Aviation Subsurface Radiolocation Laboratory in Riga dealing with research and development of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment and technology of GPR applications. He is designer of “Zond” series Georadars, as well as scientific investigator of project “Radar in Guide-rope” of the balloon experiment of International Space Mission “Mars-96”.