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Rohoznik (SK)

Geographical location: Malacky District, Morava River Basin – about 2 km south of Rohoznik town in the Zahorska nizina (lowland).

Type of waterway: “Freshwater continental lake”, an artificial lake – remediated clay mining pit

Contamination type and problem: heavy metals, fertilizers

The sludge at the bottom of the lake is potentially contaminated by remnants after mining activities (heavy metals) and drainage of arable land (nitrates, sulphates, phosphorous). Transport of soil and clay into newly created lake from surrounding agricultural land and mining pit slopes continues, filling up the deeper parts of the lake.

Typical water depth: 2-4 m, maximum depth: 6 m

Water conductivity: 1300 μS/cm

Surveys performed: GPR/Seismic







Seismic profile recorded




Seismic profile   Survey preparation
Location map   Sludge bottom



Preparation for the survey




Map of the remediated mining pit




Sludge bottom at the surveyed area