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Scanlink BV Asselerweg 3
7217 MA Harfsen
The Netherlands
Dick P.B. Van der Roest

 Scanlink has been a developer of geophysical surveying technology since 1994. Based on their developments they realized that they were in a good position also to provide services based on this know-how. In 1999 Scanlink was involved in a large study for the Dutch Local Waterboards Research Institute to test geophysical methods on their merits to provide adequate data on waterways. Recently another EU large research project was completed by Scanlink on the detection of hydrocarbon contamination in the soil. Though having also a good track record in this field, Scanlink decided to focus on water based measurements as there is still a large area to be covered and the market potential for innovative measuring techniques is substantial in this field. Therefor Scanlink’s addition to the project will be focussed on getting technology to work in practical circumstances.

 Key person:
Dick van der Roest, is a leading expert in ground penetrating radar applications. From 1987 to 1993 he worked for Heidemij, one of the largest Environmental Consultant firms in the world. His interest in improving existing GPR investigation techniques originates from his experience as an environmental site investigator. His involvement with nautical GPR started in 1997 when he realized the potential of this method for the Dutch sludge problem.