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SELOR eeig Saffierstraat 101c
1075 GP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Dr James Baker

 This eeig is composed of members from the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy, with expertise in the fields of hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental engineering and technology. SELOR members hold the patent rights to a number of environmental technologies, and are active in several fields of earth sciences. SELOR also works with new material technologies, looking at environmental applications for industrial minerals, in particular zeolite technologies used in water treatment processes, and works for a more responsible management of raw materials in Europe. SELOR draws on a staff of some 120 persons, who have been involved in more than 30 International earth science related projects in the fields of geophysics, primary raw materials, hydrogeology, and environment, including 7 ongoing EU projects. In addition there have been numerous projects at national level. Staff of SELOR have been active not only in Europe, but also South America and the Caribbean. Staff of SELOR have held positions such as directors of National Geological Surveys.

 SELOR Has been involved in a number of geophysical projects, including the use of Georadar in environmental applications, and this project develops this activity.

 Key person:
James Baker, managing director will be responsible for SELOR participation in the project; he is a geochemist who has worked on several water quality research projects, for national and international organisations, both in the fields of investigator and as project co-ordinator. He will be supported by Professor Olaf Schuiling, PhD, who is an international expert on water quality treatment and problems, and advisor to the Dutch government on water sustainability and quality issues.