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Senec - Slnecne Jazera (SK)

Geographical location: Senec District, Danube lowland – about 30 km NE from Bratislava.

Type of waterway: “Freshwater continental lake” Artificial lake, result of extensive gravel excavation for construction industry more than 30 years ago. Presently tourist resort.

Contamination type and problem: heavy metals, organic contaminants, nutrients – eutrophication

Significant sludge contamination is caused by recreational facilities. The lake is surrounded by 53 bigger summer houses, hotels and pensions and 278 private cottages. Improper infrastructure concerning waste water management is characteristic of the area. Attractive recreational area needs revitalisation of the bottom gravel layer of the lake.

Typical water depth: 2-6 m (maximum water depth: 15 m)

Water conductivity: 900 μS/cm

Surveys performed: GPR/Seismic