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TerraMentor eeig Androutsou 6, Athens
Alimos 174 55
Dr. George Sideris

 TerraMentor eeig, is an Athens based European Economic Interest Grouping, a Multinational European Geophysical Company founded in Athens in 2000. The company’s main asset is its workforce comprising of a team of highly specialised professionals, having behind them many years of experience and a network of state of the art geophysical systems, computers and sophisticated software packages.

 Its activities include support directly related to geo-technical surveys and/or constructions, the monitoring and the protection of the environment, natural hazards assessment, groundwater, energy and mineral resources. The Company undertakes:
  • Engineering and Construction site Investigations
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal site Investigations
  • Environmental Contamination Monitoring and Protection
  • Adoption of Telecom applications into Environmental Monitoring
  • Groundwater Resource Assessment Management and Pollution

 Key persons:
TerraMentor participation in the project will be co-ordinated by George Sideris, managing director. He is Geophysical Consultant with eleven consecutive years of Managerial Experience (1987-1997), as Head of the Department of Geophysical Exploration of the Greek Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration. He supervised or directed more than one hundred geophysical projects, of various disciplines, not only in Greece but also in many European Countries. The European Union specially assigned him to coordinate or evaluate a number of International Projects. He published more than forty publications in international magazines and a great number of internal reports. He serves continually as President of the Hellenic Geophysical Society since 1987 and he was the President of the Balkan Geophysical Society during the years 1993-1996. As acknowledgement of his serious contribution to the elaboration of International Geophysical Studies, his ethos and his scientific merit, the International Committee of Geophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR awarded him in 1990, the medal of honour "One Hundred Years of International Geophysics". He will be supported by Dr. Gianoulopoulos Panagiotis, hydrogeologist, specialized in hydrogeological modelling, ground water flow, water management and environmental risk assessment. He has several years of experience as an independent hydrogeological consultant (participation in more than 30 projects). He is the author of 10 scientific publications.