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Twenteekanaal (NL)

Geographical location: Located in NE part of the Netherlands. Twenteekanaal goes from the Ijssel near Zutphen through Hengelo and Enschede.

Type of waterway: transport canal, 122 km long and appr. 35 m wide. Some parts of the wall of the canal were constructed with iron sheet pile. It is an ideal route for cargo ships.

Contamination type and problem: sludge – heavy metals, organics, pesticides, and maintenance problems

The thickness and extent of the sludge layer is largely unknown. Main problem at the Twenteekanaal is the significant amount of sludge and also metal objects in the water bottom. Due to increasing traffic on the canals, it has become necessary to start widening and deepening the canals. Project is being delayed by a lack of knowledge about the structure of the floor of the canal.

Typical water depth: 1-6 m

Water conductivity: appr. 300 μS/cm

Surveys performed: GPR/Seismic